Post Date: May 24th, 2016

Training & The Building. 

The current space we have been training in needs major repairs to the building. The owners or “investors” of the space do not want to do the repairs and instead are selling the building. Therefore Ninja School is now closed. We thank all of you who had the courage to stop on the mat and train with us, whether it was for a one day or many years. We couldn’t have done it without you and your wonderful children. We hope that we helped build confidence in them and provided them with a structured learning environment. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the homepage for online training courses that will be released soon. Thank you again, sincerely, The Arnold Family.


Post Date: April 30th, 2016

2016 Summer Camps

Thank you to all who have contacted us about our summer camp program. We currently do not have dates set for the camp and therefore at not accepting students for it.  Please stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates and current announcements.


Post Date: December 28th, 2015

New Training Times and Classes

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday break. You all deserve it for a great year of training in 2015. Rolling into the the 2016 New Year we will be making some changes, as you will see on our pricing and class schedule pages. If you are all ready a member be sure to read and review each of them and contact us with any questions. We are excited about the new class schedule because it will allow more specialized training and smaller class sizes. As we grow we want to ensure that we continue to give students the best experience possible. We look forward to seeing you back on the mat Monday January 4th, 2016. Remember, new class times will start then! Choo!


Post Date: August 17th, 2015

Ninja Pre-School

We are starting a new program for ages 3-5 years old! We have had many requests for our littlest ninja’s to train and they will now have a class dedicated just for them. Two classes a week offered Monday & Wednesday from 3:30-4pm for the low cost of $75 a month. One time fee for the uniform of $40. The program will start September 1st, 2015, contact us today to register your little one!

Post Date: June 6th, 2014

Summer Camp

School is almost out of session and what better way to spend part of your summer than by learning Ninja Skills! You’ll receive your mission suit to train in, nun-chucka and rubber throwing stars – the basics to get you started. With small class sizes your child is sure to make some lifelong friends along with receiving some great training from Master Eddie. Visit the main page for more info and register now, only a few spots left!

Post Date: Feb. 10th, 2014

New Year and Ninja News

Happy New Year to everyone. We hope you enjoyed ringing it in and we are very excited for what 2014 will bring for Ninja School. We are thrilled with the community we have been building. It’s exciting to see families making friends with each other in and outside of the school. We have had great belt tests and one that was really special was for Stephanie and J2. These two talented kids received their junior black belt! They are both very talented students and we are so proud of them.

The holiday party was amazing, with the parents participating in some of the games the kids play. It got really competitive and fun! It was also great getting to bring everyone together for an afternoon of socializing.

As the school grows, we ask all Ninja Parents to please follow our facebook business page and also make sure you are receiving the newsletters. If you haven’t, then we need to get your email added to the list. These are the two ways we send you updates and announcements to keep you in the loop.

Thank you for a great 2013 and here’s to an even better 2014! Cheers.

Post Date: Dec 4th, 2013            

Holiday Potluck and Gift Exchange (bake sale too) 

Join us Saturday December 21st, 2013 to celebrate the past year. All ninja parents and students welcome. Kid’s attending please sign up in the school so we can do the gift exchange. Parents if you’d like, bring some snacks to share. It will be a casual afternoon with a slideshow, gift exchange and good food! The kid’s will also have a bake sale that evening to raise money to purchase new items they would like for training! See you at 3pm!



Post Date: Nov 18th, 2014              Belt Test Friday December 6th, 2013

Final belt test of 2013 year will take place Friday Dec. 6th from 4-6:30pm. Warm up is 4-5pm and vocabulary testing. Physical exam starts at 5pm. List of children eligible to test is on the board in the school. Please let us know if you have any questions or if your child will be out of town during their test time. See you there!

Post Date: Nov. 6th, 2013               Ninja Photo Day

It’s time for fall portraits of your little ninja’s!  There will be no class on Saturday the 16th of November. Instead we will have the studio set-up to capture your little ninja’s portrait. They can bring a weapon of their choice, such as nun-chucks or staff and have them wear their uniform.

Mrs Arnold, owner of Jasmine Photography will taken their professional photos. She has been photographing people and events for over ten years and her work has been published in local magazines and featured on blogs. The sitting fee is only $10 per child and you will then be able to order images and products online after the shoot. See you starting at 10am!

Post Date: October 28th, 20123      Trick or Treat – Ninja Style!

Open to all Ninja School students, we will be meeting at the dojang at 6:30pm and head out into the area around 7pm to go trick or treating on Halloween night. Must have your ninja mission suit to participate, this is a FREE event. Remember to bring a bag to collect your candy in.  See you all soon!




Post Date: October 1st, 2013              Flashlight Self-Defense Course

We are excited to have Master Dan Pillar from Colorado visit our school for a Flashlight Self-Defense Course. This will take place October 19th, 2013 at Ninja School starting at 1pm. The hour and half course will go over different ways a small tactical flashlight can save your life. You will also receive your own tactical flashlight to keep and use during the course.

Contact Ninja School directly to sign up. Must be registered before the 19th of October. Wear casual clothing, pants with pockets. Open to ages 12 and up. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Email us at: or call directly at 503.442.3299. We still have a few spots remaining!