NINJA SCHOOL trains in a style of Hapkido, named Heuk Choo Kwan which originated out of South Korea. You may ask, why the name “NINJA SCHOOL?”  The ninja were silent, stealthy, and seemed to have magic abilities in the art of concealment and assassinating. The ninja specialized in covert warfare methods and their origin is somewhat clouded, as where they! Their techniques included  various methods of fighting, leaping, hiding, walking and running methods, as well as sword evading techniques, and special utilization of the body. This is what our school does. Master Eddie teaches children and adults these techniques in a modern day scenario. As you read on, you’ll learn how Hapkido is a well-rounded martial art, much of it derived from Korean’s who studied Japanese martial arts in the early 1900’s.

Each martial art has a philosophical system to define the physical aspects of it. These are broken down into seven basic areas:

  • striking techniques
  • avoiding and blocking techniques
  • holding techniques
  • throwing techniques
  • weapon techniques
  • internal techniques
  • healing techniques

The difference in technique between different martial arts are defined by the unique way in which they use and/or combine one or more of the seven basic technique area’s listed above. Most martial arts emphasis on two or three of the listed techniques. Hapkido is unique because it integrates all seven areas. The wide range of techniques were developed mainly for self-defense and to bring together mental, physical and spiritual values. The practical and versatile martial art of Hapkido has made it popular for many law enforcement and military professionals.

The integration of mind, body and spirit is a key part of Hapkido. This means perfecting the human character, being socially responsible and using your force appropriately. Internal-energy development is fundamental to all training, leading to better health and greater efficiency in self-defense techniques.

The name Hapkido is a korean word coined from three separate words: Hap, Ki and Do. Hap means “harmony or coming together”, Ki means “universal life force or energy” and Do means ” the way or path”. Bring them all together and the name means “the way of coordinated (harmonious) power”. The fundamental belief is when you train in the art your goals are physical health, mental well-being, spiritual growth and perfecting one’s character. This comes in the form of tough training which preps the mind and body with being equipped to handle the ongoing challenges of life. Note that the combative techniques learned are to only be used for self-defense or the protection of others.

We look forward to meeting you or your child to better enhance you or their life with the training of Hapkido. Heuk Choo!