Welcome to Ninja School

Who we are

The school’s name and concept was created by Master Eddie. He started in martial arts at the age of four and his skills advanced quickly. He received his fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in 2005 and in 2007 became the 45th black belt to receive a 6th degree dan in Heuk Choo Kwan from South Korea. Master Eddie and his wife run the dojang.

What we do

We train in Hapkido, specifically a style called Heuk Choo Kwan. Heuk Choo Kwan, or black eagle style, is a very well rounded martial art. Kids and adults learn kicking, punching, rolling, falling and joint manipulation. Read more about the martial art here.

Why us?

We are dedicated to our students transformations and we enjoy seeing their progress and new sense of personal empowerment. Whether your child has been bullied, has low self esteem or needs more discipline, Ninja School gives them a new found inner strength and the willpower to accomplish anything.


Class sizes are small and there are typically two instructors on the mat during each class. Classes are an hour long with five different days to fit into your schedule. Choose which days work best for you. We recommend your child attends at least twice a week to reap the benefits of training.

What Others Say About Ninja School

Positive Changes.

Since joining Ninja School I have seen many positive changes in my son. Not only does he love and look forward to it, it’s taught him focus, discipline and respect like nothing else has… all while learning important martial art/self defense skills. It has given him a sense of pride by providing him a place to set goals, work hard and reach them. I have seen his confidence rise and so have his teachers. He is wanting to be more helpful around the house and even keeps his room cleaner to embrace the “ninja” way of life! I think this program is helping many children and we are so thankful to have the influence of Master Eddie & Ninja School in our lives.

– Linda D.

So much more.

Why Ninja School? I thought that I was going to be taking my son to Ninja School to make him stop asking. Why would you want to take a child to learn how to kick, punch and all that other violent stuff that they love to do already? Little did I realize that we were going to be getting so much more. Master Eddie and his awesome wife Alexis run their school like we were all part of this growing ninja tribe. Our kids learn so much. They learn martial arts, they learn tumbling, they practice meditation, they learn how to speak another language, they practice how to treat each other with respect, and even better they remind the kids to treat their parents with respect. Ninja School has been one of the best things for my son. He looks forward to going to class every day.

-Proud Ninja in training parent